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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Software with Trial Versions

We need Softwares to do most of the work but the problem occurs is they are trial version and for full version we have to buy them which many of the people don't afford . so In order for crack or keys we search on net. I Hope this will make your work easier with softwares .

1. Go to GOOGLE.

2. Type'94fbr'Then ­ space and then name of software key you need.

3.Example : 94frb Microsoft office

4. Google will show you the links
with your desired serial key or patch files.


Apple iOS 7

Apple has announced  iOS 7 . ios 7 is the biggest masterpiece of Apple. In this post we will discuss the features of iOS 7, its compatibility, release date and much more.

Some of the key features of iOS 7 includes:
Expanded Folders:
Unlike previous version of iOS which allowed users to place only 20 apps within a folder, iOS 7 users would be able to place hundreds of apps inside a single folder.
Notification Center:
Notification center in iOS 7 is improved a lot and it will now allow users to access all the important information without unlocking their iOS 7 device.

With iOS 7, Apple has improved multitasking. Unlike multitasking in previous iOS versions, in IOS 7 the multitasking feature is improved a lot.

Siri got a revamp. It has got all new voice, cool UI and faster search results. Apart from that, Siri in iOS 7 now features Twitter integration and is also bringing Wikipedia and Wolfram Alpha to roster.

Safari has finally got much needed redesign and it is now faster then before.

Wifi Calling
iOS 7 will allow users to call using Wifi.
Weather App
Just like Safari and Siri, the weather app in iOS 7 has got the much needed update.

Mail App
Mail app has also been updated to match the flatter iOS 7 design.

Auto App Updates:
In iOS 7 apps will automatically update in background eliminating the headache of launching App Store to update the apps.
iMessage Blocking:
iOS 7 will allow users to block spam messages on iOS 7. Also users will be able to block unwanted Facetime calls from any individuals.
Compatible Devices:
iOS 7 will be compatible with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini and 5th Gen iPod Touch.