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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Google’s New social network: Google +

Facebook is the leading social network out there, but that doesn’t prevent other companies from developing their social networks. Speaking of new social networks, Google has just launched Google + social network.

One major problem with social networks is that you share all of your information with people in your friend’s list, despite the fact that you might not even know them or consider them your friends. Luckily, Google has decided to create a special service called Circles that allows you to share specific information with a different circle of friends on a new, easy, and intuitive way.
In addition, we have to mention Sparks service that allows you to find stories that interest you and share them with your friends in just a few clicks. If you want to stay in touch with your friends at all times, there’s a Hangout, which is a service that allows you to talk and have video conferences with your friends in real time.
Google + looks amazing, but so far, it’s only available via invitation, so we can’t wait for it to go public. We just hope that Google + doesn’t face the same fate as Google Wave or Google Buzz.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sony Ericsson announces rugged Xperia Active

Sony Ericson has recently revealed a new android smartphone that is not afraid of knocks and bumps and actually have a cool geeky design. This new smartphone, Sony Ericson Xperia Active is perfect for your super active lifestyles as it comes with a rugged exterior.
The Sony Ericson Xperia Active runs on Android 2.3 OS and features a compact form factor that shows close resemblance to some old school feature phones from the company.
This cool smartphone includes a 3-inch reality display that is scratch resistant and supports wet finger tracking (this feature will allow you to use the smartphone even if your hands are wet). Moreover, this device is dust proof and water resistant. It has a 1GHz processor, BRAVIA Engine (from Sony Mobile), a 5MP camera with 720p video recording capability, barometer, GPS, and compass. It also supports the ANT+ wireless protocol, which is useful for measuring heart and pulse rate directly through the smartphone.
The Xperia Active is also well integrated with Facebook and will allow you to share your fitness progress on Facebook with your friends. Of course, with Android as its OS, you’ll never be short of fascinating new apps and latest games.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Bloomberg confirms September iPhone 5 launch

Bloomberg confirms the rumors that Apple will launch the new iPhone 5 in September of this year. Besides this, the rumor says that Apple will also launch a new version of the iPad with a higher resolution.

As far as we know the new iPhone will have an even faster processor than the iPhone 4 and also a more advanced camera. The processor will most likely be the A5 processor which is the chip that Apple added to the iPad 2. About the camera, rumors say that it will probably be an eight megapixel camera. The design of the iPhone 5 will be very similar to the iPhone 4 and of course the new device will run on iOS 5.
As for the new features that this phone will have, we’ll just have to wait for more information to surface as we get closer and closer to the launching date of this new device from Apple.

Leaked photo and video: Nokia’s first Windows Phone

Despite CEO Stephen Elop asked the audience to put away their cameras and recording devices before showing the new device, the first Nokia Windows Phone images still being leaked on the net.

“This is something that is super confidential and we do not want to see out in the blogosphere,” Elop stated, before placing the device in front of a projector.

The new device looks similar to the new Nokia N9 comparing its size and design. The back suggested that it may come with the same 8MP CarlZeiss len camera. We don’t have much details regarding the new device yet. All we know at the moment is that it features same Gorilla glass display as the N9 and its equipped with Mango, which is the next version of Windows Phone.
Elop has previously confirmed that Nokia’s first Windows Phone will be expecting before the end of 2011.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Video: Nokia N9 hand-on demo

The Nokia N9 was officially announced at the Nokia Connection in Singapore yesterday. The device runs on the MeeGo operating system, equipped with amazing features.

Video N9

The MeeGo device features a 3.9-inch curved Gorilla Glass AMOLED screen, with anti-glare polarisation. The N9 does not have the traditional home button like all previous Nokia phone. The home button gone a swipe gesture from the edge of the screen will take you to the home screen.

The N9 equipped with an 8MP Carl Zeiss wide-angle camera with dual LED flash. It is also capable of shooting HD video. The handset comes in both 16GB and 64GB storage with 1GB RAM.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Alienware M18x gaming laptop shipping now

The much awaited gaming laptop Alienware M18x has started shipping and you can now configure it to suit your needs from the Alienware website.

This cool gaming laptop has a 18.4-inch FHD WLED 1080p display, its configurable with a number of dual GPUs for displaying impressive graphics for gameplay.\
Its processor follows Intel’s Huron River architecture and has an Intel Core i7 Extreme Quad Core that is overclockable up to 4GHz. For an additional $2000, you can also have an insane amount of memory, up to 32GB of RAM which is simply astonishing. Thus, if you are a professional gamer, this one is perfect for your needs and will take your gaming experience to the next level.

HP introduces HP x2301 ‘micro-thin’ monitor

Saving space is quite important nowadays, and speaking of space saving hardware, HP has introduced a new extra thin monitor called HP x2301.
The HP x2301 is only 9.8mm thin and we have to admit that it looks quite impressive. In addition to its compact looks, HP x2301 weighs only 7.7 lbs so it’s easy to transport. The reason why HP x2301 is so thin is that its hardware is situated in the base of the display, and it uses a similar principle that TV manufacturers use. As for the technical specs, HP x2301 has HDMI, DVI, and VGA connectors placed at the base of the display. In addition, this monitor supports 1980×1080 (1080p) resolution and it features 8,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio, and it can represent 72% of color gamut. This is quite a responsive monitor, with a 3ms response time which will be enough for most of your needs.

Samsung unveils 23-inch 3D all-in-one PC – Smart One AF315

Here comes an all in one PC  developed by Samsung, known as the Smart One AF315. Its been unveiled in its home market S. Korea.

The Samsung Smart One AF315 comes with a 23-inch HD display with 3D capability. It has got a sleek design with sexy slim looks. It is based on the second generation of Intel Core i5 processor.

It is a brilliant system if you’re into watching 3D movies at home. It supports 3D viewing as well as Blu-ray playback with its inbuilt Blu-ray drive and TV tuner.
Specs include, a 1TB 7200RPM hard drive, 4GB DDR3 RAM and the Core i5 processor. It also has WiFi, Bluetooth, card reader, USB 3.0 ports, a dedicated 2D to 3D button, webcam, 3D SRS surround sound, wireless mouse and keyboard and a smart USB charging that is quite useful for charging your USB gadgets without even having to turn the PC on.

Magic Stick Smart Pen comes with iPad and iPhone compatibility

Tablets are getting quite popular nowadays, but if you can’t afford a tablet, you might be interested in the Magic Stick Smart Pen that comes from

The thing that makes Magic Stick Smart Pen special is its compatibility with iPad, iPhone, computers, and netbooks. In addition, Magic Stick Smart Pen gives you the power of digital pen along with full flash memory capabilities. This means that you can use this magic pan on your tablet with any graphic editing software, or write anywhere on a regular paper, and the device will capture that and store your work in its flash memory. In addition, we have to mention its My Script Notes 3.0 feature which will convert your handwritteninformation into text, but so far, we don’t know how successful this is.
Magic Stick Smart Pen is a great device, especially because of its iPhone and iPad compatibility,

ASUS unveils new G74 gaming laptop

Check out the latest gaming offer from ASUS, the G74. Unlike Dell’s Alienware lineup, ASUS tend to introduce more subtle designs for their gaming lappies, like the G74 pictured.

Available for pre-ordering immediately, the G74 comes in two configurations, with the only difference residing in its display. Both features a quad-core Core i7-2630QM CPU, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560M graphics with 3GB of video memory, 12GB DDR3 RAM (out of 16GB), dual 750GB 7200RPM drives, 1080p display, a Blu-ray player, backlit keyboard, and a USB 3.0. socket (along with three of the 2.0 variety).