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Friday, September 9, 2011

LiquidKeyboard concept: First on-screen keyboard that adjusts to your hands

You probably know that on-screen keyboards aren’t ergonomical as actual physical keyboards, but in addition to the ergonomical problems, on-screen keyboards are also slower than regular keyboards because you can’t rest your hands on them, and you have to check every key before you press it. Luckily, there’s a solution called LiquidKeyboard.

Christian Sax and Hannes Lau from the University of Technology Sydney have developed a new type of on-screen keyboard called LiquidKeyboard. Unlike other on-screen keyboards, LiquidKeyboard adapts to the position of your hands and fingers, so your hands won’t feel uncomfortable while using it. The best thing about LiquidKeyboard is that all keys adjust to the position of your fingers, so you won’t have to check twice before pressing a certain key, meaning that you could type as fast as you would type on a regular computer keyboard.
LiquidKeyboard is designed for all users that are used to the standard physical keyboard, and if you have a tablet, LiquidKeyboard will be perfect for you. LiquidKeyboard was revealed recently at the Tech23 conference in Sydney, but so far, it’s only a concept, but we can’t wait to see it in action on our tablets.