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Sunday, January 16, 2011

World’s smallest 64GB solid state drive

SanDisk today announced the first product in a new category of embedded solid state drives (SSD), that are the world’s smallest solid state drives so far.
The SSD is smaller than a postage stamp and offer higher capacities and performance than existing storage solutions. The SanDisk® integrated SSD (iSSD), the first high-capacity product within this new category, is designed for use in fast-growing mobile computing platforms such as tablet PCs and ultra-thin notebooks. It is the first flash SSD device to support the industry standard SATA interface in a small BGA (Ball Grid Array) package that can be soldered onto any motherboard, and for use with advanced operating systems in mobile computing platforms.


  1. Solid-State technology brings a new level of performance and reliability to net book and notebook storage. No moving parts provides for quieter, cooler, and more durable solutions to traditional hard disk drives.
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