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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

MT716 O Phone

Well, we have had so many of similar looking phones that it is becoming increasingly hard to recognise which image reflects which particular phone. I reckon this is at leasat the case with recent Android tablets. Well, Motorola seems to be gearing up for one more similar launch and somehow it looks almost similar to the much hyped Droid. Not our mistake but phones today look so similar to each other (even as per their specifications) that it is pretty easy to call one the copy of the other!
The newly launched MT716 OPhone will boast an eight megapixel camera which will come with dual LED in-built flash and 720p HD video recording. The phone will also have an extra camera on its front for video based calls. The Motorola MT716 OPhone will come packed with WAPI connectivity (WiFi compatible) and TD-SCDMA radio. It also has CMMB TV streaming feature which makes it a bit different.

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