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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Latest Toshiba 3D TVs lets you enjoy 3D without those annoying 3D glasses

Toshiba has announced its glasses free 3D prototype which has been successfully displayed at Japan’s largest gadget expo, the CEATEC 2010. We have been hearing about rumours of the device for the last few months but nothing was official from the companies side. Suddenly Toshiba has come up with this new technology at the CEATEC 2010 and has surely gathered alot of attention from around the planet.

The small screen size 3D TVs without glasses are targeted at a small group of early adopters. With the new TVs, Toshiba wants to prove that auto-stereoscopic 3D displays are both technologically and commercially feasible. “The commercial launch of our 12” and 20” 3D TVs without glasses in Japan is a first step into the 3D future in the consumer home cinema market,” says Sascha Lange. “But it will take several years to develop larger 3D TVs without glasses with screen sizes of 40” and more at a yet reasonable price point. Those who want to enjoy the 3D home cinema experience on a large screen already today are well served by 3D TV using active shutter glasses like the models of our WL768 series.

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