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Monday, June 20, 2011

Magic Stick Smart Pen comes with iPad and iPhone compatibility

Tablets are getting quite popular nowadays, but if you can’t afford a tablet, you might be interested in the Magic Stick Smart Pen that comes from

The thing that makes Magic Stick Smart Pen special is its compatibility with iPad, iPhone, computers, and netbooks. In addition, Magic Stick Smart Pen gives you the power of digital pen along with full flash memory capabilities. This means that you can use this magic pan on your tablet with any graphic editing software, or write anywhere on a regular paper, and the device will capture that and store your work in its flash memory. In addition, we have to mention its My Script Notes 3.0 feature which will convert your handwritteninformation into text, but so far, we don’t know how successful this is.
Magic Stick Smart Pen is a great device, especially because of its iPhone and iPad compatibility,

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