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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Keyless Home Entry system lets you unlock your doors with Bluetooth

Unlocking your door can be a problem sometimes, especially if you have your hands full and you don’t want to search for your keys in your pocket, so why not use your phone instead of your key?

Developed by Phantom Smart Home, Keyless Home Entry system will enhance your lock system by allowing you to unlick doors with your cellphone.
This technology relies on your Bluetooth to authenticate the person at the door before letting him or her inside, and it’s quite simple to use. In order to use this lock, you simply need to set up the lock to recognize your phone and you’re good to go, and when you get back the door will automatically unlock itself as you come in, but in order to work, you have to turn your Bluetooth on. In case that you lose your phone, you just have to re-pair the lock with your new phone and that’s it, without the need to replace your lock. Of course, there’s an option to unlock the door with regular key in case something happens to your phone.

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