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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Socl: New Social Network from Microsoft revealed

As I have Told You About New Social Network Google+ By Google . Now There's a New Social Network Socl By Microsoft.

First of all, we have to mention that Tulalip has changed its name to Socl, and according to the reports, Socl should be different than other social networks such as Facebook or MySpace. What makes Socl different is that status updates are focused on whatever you’re searching on Socl, and although we’re not certain how exactly does this feature works, we know that your friends will be able to comment on your searches, like them or even tag them. There’s also a video party features that allows you to watch videos together, and a social search feature. Socl will use user interface similar to Metro UI, and users will be able to sign up for Socl via Twitter or Facebook. We have to mention that Socl doesn’t have any form or private messages, replies or groups so far, but those features might be added in the future.

Currently, Socl is a research project, and although we don’t know when and whether will there be a public version, but we know that invitation-only beta is coming soon.

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