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Friday, March 4, 2011

Samsung Galaxy Player 50

What makes the Samsung Galaxy Player 50 especially appealing amongst the mist of a world of portable media players or handheld devices is that its been embroidered with the Samsung Galaxy badge – which many of you will know about due to the success of its distant cousin, the Samsung Galaxy S Android phone. While its second ‘attraction’ will no doubt be the fact that its runs on Android, a relatively cheaper alternative to Apple’s iOS if having apps is what you’re after.

Starting with its looks. The Galaxy Player 50 comes only in white, similar to the iPod Touch, its main hard key is a center key which acts as the ‘Home’ button. There are volume keys and power on/off buttons on either side of the device. All of these including the body of the Galaxy Player 50 itself feel plastic and dare I say cheap. Though its lightweight, its not the sort that feels sturdy and rugged, I would not have the confidence to let this drop onto my office floor and let alone put it through a stress test.
As you can see in the side view, it is not a thin device at all, 11.08 mm to be exact. The good thing about the Galaxy Player 50 is that its an Android device, which means mini-USB port, removable battery, and upgradable external memory in the form of a microSD (up to 32GB).

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