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Monday, March 28, 2011

Video: iPad 2 Real Racing HD in proper 1080p

Firemint’s new game Real racing HD for the iPad 2 is one of the first games for the Apple iPad 2 to come in 1080P without having to do any up scaling when plugged into your HD television using HDMI cables.
The iPad 2 goes out at a 1024×768 resolution for the screen, the mirrored video on your HDTV would be the same resolution which means you would have black bars on the left and right side of the screen like a frame.

Real Racing HD can run full screen at 1920×1080 when attached to an external display without the frame around the edges on your TV, Firemint came up with this and gives credit to Apple’s amazing graphics card inside. This game shows how great iOS devices can be for gaming, and worth while to own. Below is an attached video that you can watch to see the game play a bit, in split screen.


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