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Monday, September 5, 2011

Customize Google Navbar in White or Any Colour

Google introduced the new dark Google bar with the announcement of their new social network, Google+. Several design changes were also introduced to all of the Google services and websites.
Many people welcomed the new Google bar and liked the darker look at the top, but many didn’t and wanted to revert back to the classic Google bar at the top, the white colour one.

Google Light Navbar is a free userscript that you can use on Firefox, Chrome and Opera. It allows you to revert back to the old Google bar in white colour ,and would also allow you to change the colour to your liking.
You will be able to customize the bar with the colours you want.

To Install this on FireFox , You should have GreaseMonkey.
To Download GreaseMonkey --->
After Downloading Grease Monkey. Now you can install script .
Install Script --->

To Install on Google Chrome . You should have Grease Metal like Grease Monkey on Fire Fox.
To download Grease Metal --->
Now install Script --->

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