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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Google+ is now open for public

Not a long ago, Google introduced its social network Google+, but it was accessible only through invitation, and now, after lot of testing, Google+ is now available to the public, so everyone can now join without an invitation.

After almost 90 days of invitation-only testing, Google+ is now here and it’s available to the public. In addition to the public release of Google+, Google has added some new features that might attract new users. As for the new features, they are related to Hangouts, and these new features are Hangouts On Air that are actually hangouts with stars, Hangouts with extras that allow you to share your screen, doodles, sketches and Google Docs with others while hanging out at the same time. There are also Named Hangouts that are focused on certain topics, and improved Search, so now you can search for content on Google+.
If you haven’t tried Google+ yet, now is the time, since Google+ is available to everyone, so feel free to try it out.

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